Research Programme

Our research programme analyses the politization of religion with a comparative focus on West Africa and the Middle East and North Africa (MENA). It tackles a crucial research question: how does religion shape the behaviour of social and political actors?  

Our three lines of research are Transnational religious dynamics, Competition between social and political actors, and The use of media in religious competition.

This research programme is the outcome of the collaboration between the Centre Interdisciplinaire de Recherche sur l’Afrique et le Moyen Orient (CIRAM – Université Laval), the Centre d’Études et de Recherches Internationales (CÉRIUM – Université de Montréal) et the Centre de recherche Société, Droit et Religions (SoDRUS – Université de Sherbrooke).

Research team

Our research team includes eight researchers from different disciplines. They are affiliated to four Quebec universities.


Francesco Cavatorta, professor of political science at Université Laval, is the principal investigator. The other team members are:


Challenges of Fieldwork in Africa and the Middle East

Workshop | Wednesday, November 1, 2023